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The Journey

one thinks how one lives



Dharamsala, India 2018 14-hours a day passed like it was a minute. After 3 weeks of self inquiry, yoga and meditation it felt as if time had stood still. Everything was different, the way I thought, the way I saw, the way I chose my words so carefully after being silent for 15 days. It was truly life changing. I was awestruck by the power of going within to identify patterns and conditionings and to uncover the answers that had always been there waiting for the light of awareness to shine on them.


Rishikesh, India 2019 I embarked on a 200-hour YTT. Not particularly a fan of yoga at the time, I was there more to give myself an excuse to stay in India for another month. It broke me down, literally. By the end of the month I was stronger, more flexible and naturally healed from many of the aches and pains with which I arrived. Yoga truly is medicine for the body and soul. How we treat ourselves on our mats is a reflection of how we treat ourselves and others off our mats.

Intuitive Reading

USA, 2022 I commenced a year-long spritual instruction in energy awareness and spiritual intuitive practices. I learned to perform a rose reading, see, discern, heal and let go of energy. I met record keepers, spirit guides and beings along the way. We are all spirits having a human experience. A spirit-to-spirit hello can be the first step to identify, shift and transform energy.

After a 25-year career in hospitality chasing experience, titles and more and more money, something was just not right. I felt as if a black box was sitting on the top of my head and did not know what to do next or how to fix it. Something told me to try an energy reading. I left the reading not feeling any different and nothing that I was told would happen in the following weeks did. Two months later, when things were actually worse than before I went on-line and looked up meditation retreats in India. I told myself the first one that replies and sounds legitimate, I would go. Literally within 5 minutes of sending my first email I got a response filled with questions asking what I was experiencing. After several email exchanges, I booked a ticket and left for India the following month. My life would never be the same. And to my surprise, the first question that they asked me when I arrived was, "Have you had energy work done.?" I was shocked. The Universe absolutely has a plan for all of us. We must participate and co-create our journey! Let me help guide you along your first steps or on your continued journey.


Alone or in any combination,

the offerings can help to shift energy and see beyond the many layers of illusion we have wrapped our true selves in.

May you unfold Your Being With Folded Hands

- Sadhguru


Intuituve Reading

Yoga + pranayama

Om Hindu God Symbol

Rose Reading, 90 minutes

A hello to spirit, check-in with your higher self, past lives, 7-layer aura reading, next step + more


Topical Readings, 30 minutes

choice of 1-2 Topics:

career, money, relationships, next step, aura layers, past lives, spirit guides


Bespoke Meditations, 45 minutes

(1-3 participants)


Individual Bespoke Package, 90-120 minutes

breath-work, asanas, de-conditioning, energy reading


Group Reading Event, 120 minutes

(up to 8 participants)




She took the time to explain the process and different layers of the Rose Reading and provided a tranquil space for our meeting. I felt totally comfortable, allowing myself to be receptive and open to this new experience. I’m looking forward to continuing my personal healing and understanding, and am grateful to have Carolyn and her knowledge as a tool on my journey.”

- Meg P.

Quotation Mark
Quotation Mark

"It was wonderful!

I enjoyed every moment, found it interesting and fascinating! You're a good teacher and coach - and the intuitive reading was such an

intriguing experience. Thank you!"

- Michele H.

See you soon

See you soon






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